Mystery Tattoo's from the "Hole in the Wall"

If someone told you “all you have to do is stick your arm, or leg, through that hole in the wall and the artist on the other side will place your new tattoo that they have selected for you on the spot they choose.” You might ask yourself “what in the world people were thinking?” That’s exactly what happened at the Lubbock Tattoo Expo and it was incredible.

Samantha Collier looks through the "Hole in the Wall" moments before her tattoo.

The wall built of wood and decorated with graffiti had four holes about a foot in diameter cut into it across its length. The customers paid $25.00 to sit down and stick an arm, leg, foot, or even their head into the hole and receive a tattoo. A tattoo that they would not see, not have any say in its design or even its placement.

Although it sounds scary hundreds of people were up to the challenge over the weekend. People were lined up and there was seldom an empty chair at the “Hole in the Wall” booth. People like Taylor Perez who came to the show to get his first tattoo and decided to do so at the booth. Taylor commented “I’ve wanted a tattoo for a while and just thought this would be a blast. When I heard about the Hole in the Wall I knew I had to do it”

Francisco Jimenez as the artist hits a particularly sensitive spot

The stories went on all weekend long. The excitement surrounding the booth was palpable and there was always an air of fear mixed in. Toni Fernandez summed up the crowed by saying “I was just waiting on my husband and wondered what this was. Next thing I knew I was here and sticking my arm through the wall.” Although there wasn’t a final count at the end of the night the attraction to this idea was obvious.

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