Lucky Expo Attendee Wins Back Tattoo with a Twist!

What happens when six artists collaborate to do one back tattoo? The logistics boggle the mind and leave onlookers in awe. Recently at the Lubbock Tattoo Expo a lucky visitor put her name in a drawing, and won.

Mike Diaz, Don Peddicord, David Losoya, Hunter McCarver, Matthew Taylor and David Hershman working on Leslie Morgan's back tattoo.

Mike Diaz hosts the Expo and this year invited Don Peddicord, David Losoya, Hunter McCarver and David Hershman to participate in this amazing event. The artists began by working together on the design and then transferring it to Leslie Morgan’s, the contest winner, back. Through the use of stencils and free hand drawing the tattoo was ready to begin.

Main Stage at the Lubbock Tattoo Expo

The six artists went to work and completed the back piece in, around, six hours and thirty minutes. One of the artists, David Hershman, said the tattoo “Took about 6 hours, which is incredible for a back piece. If this were one artist working this would take thirty to forty hours at least.”

Leslie Morgan did an incredible job sitting for this tattoo. Honestly most people would find it difficult to sit for six hours with a single artist working on them. Leslie said “It was pretty intense. It took about six and a half hours to complete and I only got one twenty-minute break. It really was intense, that’s just the best description I have.”

Leslie Morgan's finished tattoo.

Tattoo conventions are an amazing opportunity to see artwork you might normally pass by. Just imagine being able to watch as a tattoo goes from plain skin to an amazing piece of art right in front of your eyes. Make sure to follow The Twisted Tattoo Collector on the web, Instagram and Facebook.

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