Saylor and Jsin get married at Philadelphia Tattoo Convention

Love was the word of the day at the Philadelphia Villain Arts Tattoo Convention as show host Dr. Blasphemy introduced Troy Timpel, the promoter of the entire tour and friend of the grooms, who would perform a wedding ceremony. The wedding was slated to take place in front of over 5000 artists and attendees at the convention.

The tattoo family travels the country like gypsies from town to town introducing an art style some people don't understand, but many come to love. That lifestyle is tough on artists and makes maintaining a family life incredibly difficult.

This year during the Philadelphia Convention Jsin Jonsin and Saylor Pierce were married. The extended family gathered, and the couple affirmed their love and dedication to each other. Just after the ceremony, they had blood drawn then mixed into two vials and worn around their necks representing two lives as one.

Personal aside: It was an honor to attend the service of good friends and family. I wish them nothing but the best and hope each day they find a reason to love each other more.

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