Four Reasons You Should Attend a Tattoo Convention

This weekend I had the opportunity to spend time at the Ink Masters Tattoo Expo in Odessa Texas and had a blast. While I was there I kept going from booth to booth watching as art was literally being made in front of me. Didn’t matter which aisle I went down art was happening.

David Hershman creating an incredible Black and Grey Zeus. (photo by Doug Schwartz, 2017)

David Hershman spent the majority of the day, around eight hours, crafting the Greek God Zeus on his clients arm. As you can see from the picture he created a beautiful filigree that draws the eye into the face of Zeus and the delicate touch of lightning sets off the overall tattoo. When you think about it the tattoo artist creates their art on a person that moves and feels which ups the difficulty of the process.

Some of the artists were doing black and grey, others color. Some traditional and others as new school as it could get. This is one of the biggest reasons I tell people they should go to a convention when they have a chance. It’s the experience and variety of art that welcome the new and the initiated to each show.

Watchmen and Twilight Zone tattoos as part of a leg sleeve (photo by Doug Schwartz. 2017)

Tattoo by Kito Talbert at Odessa Ink Masters Tattoo Expo. (photo by Doug Schwartz. 2017)

The popularity of shows like Spike’s Ink Master is partially responsible for the current rise in popularity and acceptance of tattoo’s and the tattoo industry. The contestants from the show become stars but more importantly they are accessible. It is this accessibility that generates excitement at conventions.

Kito Talbert at Odessa Ink Masters Tattoo Expo. (photo by Doug Schwartz. 2017)

During the Odessa convention Kito Talbert and Jayvo Scott worked on a number of clients and spent time with fans from the show. This up close and personal approach to fame allows the viewing public to get up close and personal with stars from the show and that’s another excellent reason to attend a convention near you.