Mike Alqassimi's secret to success with the Star City Tattoo Expo

Mike Alqassimi is the type of person who just puts it out there and rolls with whatever life has to throw at him. Unlike so many people he sees possibilities in the world around him and he embraces his friends who seem to feed off his enthusiasm and positivity. The strong ties he surrounds himself with are the key to his success according to him and from what I saw I believe it.

Shortly after leaving the Army Mike began getting tattooed by Omar Orozco in El Paso which led to a lifelong friendship. Mike quickly became enmeshed in the tattoo industry and when the owner of Aspired Vision sought to sell Mike saw his chance. Even owning his own shop wasn’t challenge enough so he decided to throw a tattoo convention, in El Paso, on an Army Post when tattoos were considered taboo by the Sergeant Major of the Army who had just re-written the armies regulations on the subject.

After the convention, I had a chance to sit down with Mike and find out more about how the show developed. You can see some scenes from the convention along with Mike’s determination to put on a world class show by watching the video above.

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