Did you know that being stubborn can kill you?

Last year Clint Cummings learned his colorectal cancer had shrunk and he was starting to feel better so he decided to head to the finale of Ink Master and a working trip to Hawaii. Those trips were against his doctors advice and resulted in him missing his chemotherapy. Did getting off his therapy schedule ultimately lead to his disease spreading and ultimately his passing?

It didn't help.

Saturday was the one year memorial for Clint. A party thrown in his honor at Sparrows Tattoos in Mansfield by his family and friends. The theme of the evening was happy memories and stories about his childhood and advocacy for the disease that killed him. Just a few days after the original story How Colorectal Cancer became Clint Cummings Legacy of Hope was first published Clint's dad Lenny's colonoscopy turned up 4 polyps and a 7mm malignant mass. Lenny commented "I was five years passed due for my colonoscopy and with all that went on with Clint I just didn't get it done." Lenny now faces surgery and the unknown. Colorectal Cancer is a family affair with the American Cancer Society recommending patients be screened when they are 10 years younger than any first generation family member who's been affected. This means if you had a parent or sibling diagnosed with colorectal cancer at age 40 for example then you should be screened by or before your 30th birthday.