Hootsuite is the one app I can’t operate without.

What is it?

Hootsuite is a powerhouse platform that keeps you in touch, allows you to schedule, and excels at taking advantage of everything your social media platforms have to offer. This platform can be loaded on your tablet, phone and computer giving you access to Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Google+, and Twitter in one convenient place.

Why should I use it?

Hootsuite is a platform which allows you to keep you and your clients social media at hand and gives you the capability to react to situations as they happen. It also means you can prepare your future posts and schedule them to appear at peak times. For example, your client may have a product release on Wednesday at 12 noon and you have a release ready giving all the details including where you can purchase the product and what makes the release so special. You can schedule that and send out an Instagram photo with appropriate hashtags, a tweet to send people to the release website and a Facebook post with shots of the product.

Not only can you do all of those things you can also track the hashtags and see how your release is trending and adjust the campaign accordingly.

Is it worth the monthly fee?

Yes. Compared to some other services the $19 per month for 10 social media profiles allows most single users to utilize all of their social media with several additional accounts available for a user to cover specific products or people within the service. Hootsuite allows a small social media staff or a single individual to expand on their offerings without the need for a much larger and certainly more expensive staff.

Will it post to Instagram from my computer.

The short and incredibly happy answer is yes. Instagram is one of the most prolifically utilized apps out there and now you can upload and schedule Instagram posts from your computer and keep your followers up to date. This is something that has been difficult or even required other apps to accomplish.